Real Estate

Real estate transactions often involve significant amounts of money, time, organization, knowledge, and experience. Getting the right advice is key, and our real estate attorneys in Hawaii can help.

Skilled Representation

Jung & Vassar represents homeowners, community associations, businesses, trustees, beneficiaries, partnerships, realtors, purchasers, and sellers in connection with all facets of real estate sales, purchases, subdivisions, zoning and management. In addition, our land and property law experts in Hawaii can handle all areas related to homeowner associations including articles, bylaws, CC&Rs, design review, house rules, common areas, road maintenance, view plane, and many others.

The Team You Need

Jung & Vassar’s real estate attorneys in Hawaii understand the significance and difficulties when dealing with property located in all areas of the Hawaiian Islands, whether the property is leasehold or fee simple, located in a gated community with all amenities and rules, or in a quiet place far away from neighbors and roads.

Getting the Right Advice

Real estate law is complicated. State law primarily governs real estate law, but federal law can come into play as well, with regulation of environmental contamination and historic preservation. For many of us real estate is one of the most critical and costly investments we can make. Unfortunately, real estate transactions often involve significant amounts of money, time, organization, knowledge and experience – particularly when dealing with State of Hawaii law, governmental departments, and agencies. Legal advice can be necessary during the negotiation process to help ensure that the contractual provisions serve our clients’ goals, or subsequently may be necessary as a result of the sale, an encroachment, an association, a neighbor, or a governmental agency. Contact our real estate attorneys in Hawaii, and get the guidance you need.