Landlord & Tenant

Jung & Vassar’s landlord tenant lawyers in Hawaii regularly deal with residential leases, including through the ever-changing landscape relating to COVID-19 and the fluctuating state and federal moratoriums. 

Residential Landlord & Tenant

  • What type of Rental Agreement did, or should I enter?
  • I’ve signed a Rental Agreement, now what am I legally required to do?
  • How much should the security deposit be and what are the obligations at the end of the rental?  
  • Who pays for repairs and maintenance?
  • What is the basis for a legal eviction?

The Team You Need

Jung & Vassar’s landlord and tenant lawyers in Hawaii can assist with the negotiation of your residential lease.

To Be Ahead of the Curve

We believe in being proactive. Setting things up right at the beginning can save both parties future costs. When issues do arise, Jung & Vassar’s landlord and tenant lawyers in Hawaii can handle all aspects from termination of leases, including providing proper notice, initiating a lawsuit, and through trial.  In addition, because many of these cases can be resolved through mediation or arbitration, and Hawaii’s courts are inclined to have the parties attempt to resolve these matters themselves, we stand ready to guide our clients through the mediation or arbitration process. Unlike commercial rental agreements which leave much of the terms to be negotiated by the parties, Hawaii’s eviction and rental law is driven by well-established codes and case law. Landlords and tenants may enter into leases without actually knowing what their obligations may be, including obligations not found in the lease itself.


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Commercial Landlord & Tenant

Jung & Vassar’s attorneys  have a large background in dealing with commercial leases. Whether you’re looking at a lease for a small retail store, restaurant, warehouse, industrial space, or agricultural property, we can help in providing commercial landlords and tenants with a wide variety of services, including reviewing, drafting, and negotiating leases on behalf of both landlords and tenants.

Our attorneys also assist clients to preemptively help avoid breaches, and can guide you through the litigation and eviction process if a breach arises.  We provide lease consultation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation services in federal and state courts.

Questions we are frequently asked:

  • How can a landlord terminate a commercial lease? 
  • What does a commercial landlord have to provide? 
  • Can a commercial landlord evict without notice? 
  • What happens when a commercial lease comes to an end? 
  • Can a landlord refuse to renew a commercial lease? 
  • Does the Consumer Protection Act apply to commercial lease agreements?

Many people tend to assume that all Hawaii commercial leases are designed to be fair and equitable to both landlords and tenants. Consequently, parties will frequently execute leases without carefully reviewing the lease terms. In many cases, this failure to have an attorney help with the review results in additional expenses, damages and lost profits amounting to thousands of dollars over the term of the lease. Once a thorough legal analysis of draft leases is provided, landlords and tenants are in a much better position to negotiate fair and reasonable leases and contracts. If you have questions about Hawaii commercial landlord tenant law, please do not hesitate to contact us.