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Why we continue to be the best in Hawaii

Kailua Kona Real Estate

When you need to buy or sell property in Kailua Kona, you need real estate and tenant lawyers with the right experience and expertise to guide you through the process. Jung & Vassar’s real estate attorneys in Kailua Kona know your money and time are valuable. Handling your real estate transactions takes knowledge, experience, and organization. Our experts are ready to assist you with real estate transactions and property law expertise in Kailua Kona. 

Skilled Representation

Real estate transactions come in many forms and involve various entities, including homeowners, community associations, partnerships, trustees, Realtors, purchasers, and businesses. Jung & Vassar partners with these stakeholders and sellers within a large scope of real estate transactions, such as estate sales, purchases, zoning and management, and subdivisions. Our real estate and tenant lawyers in Kailua Kona also represent homeowners who need land and property law experts to help them navigate processes with their homeowner’s association’s articles, road maintenance, common areas, house rules, design reviews, view plane, CC&Rs, articles, and bylaws, as well as other details. If you’re a homeowner, reach out to our experienced real estate and tenant lawyers serving Kailua Kona to learn more.

The Team You Need

At Jung & Vassar, we don’t share our expertise with only select clientele. Hawaiian properties are numerous and diverse, so we represent all types of properties throughout the Hawaiian Islands. From leasehold to fee simple, whether the property is in a gated community with specific amenities and rules or in a secluded area in a rural environment, Jung & Vassar is the team to represent your real estate interests.

Getting the Right Advice

Dealing with the complications and specifics of real estate law isn’t something you want to do on your own. Partnering with our Kailua Kona real estate and tenant lawyers can give you the benefit of our extensive knowledge and experience to help you traverse the complex laws often involved in real estate transactions. Real estate laws are primarily governed by the state, but there are federal laws that can also impact the transaction, including environmental laws and historical preservation requirements. Real estate investments are costly and sometimes deeply personal. When you allot your time, money, and emotions to a real estate transaction, you want representation that is familiar with the laws of the State of Hawaii and local and federal government agencies. When negotiating a real estate contract, we’ll make sure your goals are represented and that all legal obligations are fulfilled.

Contact our Kailua Kona business law firm at Jung & Vassar to assist you with your current or future real estate transactions.