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Commercial Landlord Tenant Representation & Construction Matters


            At Jung & Vassar, we have experience in Hawaii landlord tenant law and can help in providing commercial landlords and tenants with a wide variety of services, including reviewing, drafting and negotiating leases on behalf of both landlords and tenants.Our attorneys also assist clients with lease consultation, mediation, arbitration and litigation with respect to disputes and proceedings in federal and state courts.

            Many persons tend to assume that all Hawaii commercial leases are designed to be fair and equitable to both landlords and tenants. Consequently, parties will frequently execute leases without carefully reviewing the lease terms. In many cases, this failure to review results in additional expenses, damages and lost profits amounting to thousands of dollars over the term of the lease. Once a thorough legal analysis of draft leases is provided, landlords and tenants are in a much better position to negotiate fair and reasonable leases and contracts. If you have questions about Hawaii landlord tenant law, please do not hesitate to conact us.



            Hawaii construction law is an exceptionally complex area requiring attorneys to understand not only the law but standards of practice dealing with developers, suppliers, architects, engineers, general contractors and subcontractors. With over 30 years of experience advising owners, developers and general contractors in Hawaii and on the mainland, Jung & Vassar assists clients to understand both local codes and standards of practice. Issues such as financing, zoning, subdividing, condominium property regimes, bonding and contracting are discussed with our clients on a regular basis. Our goal is to assist clients to avoid disputes and controversies before  problems arise and result in litigation. If you need more information regarding Hawaii construction law, please contact us.


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